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Optimizing Performance Through Brain Health.

The first human performance company focused on enhancing performance through optimizing brain health.

About us

The Brain Optimization Lab is the first human performance organization that focuses it's solutions on optimizing brain health. Our team is comprised of former elite athletes, special operators, neuroscientists, coaches and entrepreneurs.  We offer a personalized, concierge model that brings together the best in class modalities and minds in the world and prove results through real-time, unbiased data collection. 

The BOL is in support of The 38 Challenge, a non-profit in memory of former Naval Academy Linebacker and USMC Captain Matthew Brewer who died by suicide in 2021.

Our Approach

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Identify The Challenge

Through extrodinary amounts of data collection, we identify and explore clients unique challenges by looking at brain health imaging, biometric feedback, and qualitive assesment. 

Personalized Protocols

Personalized Protocols

Depending on the clients unique challenges, we create personalized protocols utilizing modalities focused on brain oxidation and blood flow, nervous system regulation, and spirtual fitness. 

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Proven Outcomes and Dynamic Feedback

We prove outcomes through unbiased data collection and continually modify protocols to ensure performers are constantly getting better.

High Perfomers are 100% more likely to deal with mental illness.

We understand the unique challenges faced by high performing people. We help elite athletes, war fighters, executives, and other influential decision makers to ensure they can perform, protect and provide at the highest level possible. 

A Movement Forged From Trauma.

A percentage of revenue will be donated to The 38 Challenge, a non-profit organization in memory of USMC Captain Matt Brewer and former Naval Academy Linebacker #38 who died by suicide in 2021. 

In partnership with The 38 Challenge, The Brain Optimization will provide free support to veterans suffering with PTS and TBI.

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